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07/06/2011: Consul General Bayani S. Mercado's Independence Day Message


It is my privilege and honor to join fellow Filipinos on Guam in celebrating the 113th Anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine Independence.

As our nation and our kababayans scattered across the globe commemorate the struggles and sacrifices of our forefathers, we also reflect today on the many triumphs we as a people have accomplished.

We draw our strength from the pillars of our country’s proud history – the heroes of generations past who valiantly gave their lives for our sovereignty.  Dr. Jose P. Rizal, whose 150th birth anniversary we celebrate this year, is foremost among these pillars.  Through his writings, he stirred the nation to rise up against our colonizers and to win the freedom to chart our own destiny.

Today, our nation carries on with its fight.  Though no longer for freedom from foreign aggressors, we continue the fight for freedom from societal ills that beset us.

Our motherland beckons us to remain steadfast, committed to achieve development for all our citizens through a government that is free from corruption.  As His Excellency President Benigno Simeon Aquino III puts it, let us stay the course.

This year’s Independence Day theme: Kalayaan 2011 Paninindigan ng Bayan is thus very apt.  Every Filipino, at home and abroad, should take an active role in building our nation into what we all envision it to be – a country where the basic freedoms are guaranteed and every man has an opportunity to better his life

May we, as our forefathers did before us, likewise heed our motherland’s call.

Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino sa Guam at ang bawat Pilipino sa lahat ng sulok ng mundo!



Consul General

12 June 2011