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The graduating class of the 4th Eskwelahang Munti joined by Consul General Bayani V. Mangibin (4th, Right), EMG Principal Mrs. Milagros Moguel (extreme right), EMG volunteers Mrs. Concepcion Viray (3rd, Right), Dr. Clarissa Quan (2nd, Left), Ms. Amanda Quan (extreme left), Ms. Leah Santos (3rd, Left), Mr. Alex Gagaring (4th, Left), EMG donors Mr. and Mrs. Tamondong (partially hidden, 6th & 7th, Right) and Ms. Menchu Suarez (5th, Left) representing Sen. Dennis Rodriguez, Jr., Consul Edgar Tomas Auxilian (2nd, RIght) and Vice Consul Maria Paz Cortes (5th, Right).

The Eskwelahang Munti ng Guam (EMG), an informal school for Filipino children on Guam, ended its fourth session and conducted its commencement program on Saturday, 21 April 2012.

Established in February 2010, the EMG aims to teach Filipino values, culture, geography and language to Filipino and Filipino-American children on Guam.  The classes, which are held for ten (10) Saturdays, are taught by volunteer teachers led by EMG Principal, Mrs. Milagros K. Moguel.

The fourth session of the Eskwelahang Munti, which started in February this year, produced the most number of graduating students thus far, with a total of 19 graduates compared to the 5, 15 and 8 graduates of the first three sessions.  These 19 students were divided into two groups, the first of which consisted of six (6) children aged 5-8 years old and the second group comprised of thirteen (13) children aged 9-12 years old.

During the commencement exercises, the first group of graduates presented a demonstration of their knowledge of the Filipino language, by introducing themselves, counting and reciting descriptive sentences in Filipino.  The second and older batch of graduates demonstrated their enhanced ability to read and comprehend in Filipino by telling the audience about the story "Ang Batang si Jose sa Guam".

The graduates also sang the popular Filipino folk song "Paru-Parong Bukid" and danced the Filipino folk dance "Bulaklakan".  The older students also performed our national dance, the "Tinikling".

Consul General Bayani V. Mangibin was invited to grace the graduation ceremony and to award the certificates of completion to the graduates.  In his brief message, Consul General Mangibin thanked Mrs. Moguel and the EMG volunteer teachers composed of Dr. Clarissa Quan, Mrs. Concepcion Viray, and Ms. Amanda Quan, and other volunteers, including Ms. Leah Santos, Mrs. Fernabelle dela Peña, Mr. Alex Gagaring and Mr. Jun Moguel, for their hard work and dedication to teach young Filipinos on island about Philippine language and culture.  He likewise recognized the generosity of Mrs. Sabina Tamondong and her spouse, who have graciously allowed the EMG to conduct their classes in their day care center.  Consul General Mangibin also reiterated the Consulate General's commitment to support the EMG as it continues its fifth session in September 2012. END